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Brothers (the hidden message in this song, 2 of 11)

When I first began to write the lyrics to each song on my album, Of Light ~ Escape to Another World, I prayed. I knew that if I wanted the intention of the messages to enter into the hearts of the individuals listening, I needed strength and help beyond my mere mortal capabilities.

Being a woman of faith, I have learned that there is much more to life, than life. That there is life beyond life and that we have Heavenly help if we but ask. That said, the help I sought was not of this world, and the lyrics that came were far beyond my personal expectations.

(This image is from my music video Veni, Veni, Emmanuel. You can find it here. The blonde in the foreground is supposed to be me. I created her from a Willow Tree figurine who originally had short brown hair. Thus, this images depicts how I asked the Lord for help with the lyrics of this song - and all of them).

As a believer, I have an image in my mind of what our pre-earth life may have been like. All of us watching in anticipation of our future mortality, and the excitement of what that might have meant to us. I imagine in my mind's eye the battle between those of us that wanted to come and participate, following Christ's plan, and those who thought Satan's plan of force would be better (so that no one would be lost). It must have been a bit tense. Agency vs. Force. This doctrine is strictly from my faith. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe that each of us made the decision of who we would follow before our earth life, Jesus or Lucifer (You can find more on that in Doctrine and Covenants 29 - Google it). Those of us that made it to mortality chose Christ's plan, and those who did not are those spirits who followed Satan and currently work to disrupt and destroy our lives.

Anyway, as I asked for guidance on the lyrics for Brothers, this is what came (explanations imbedded).

A golden blush spreads ore’ the field so cold,

Unveiling shades of spirits bold.

We must not fear when they draw near

But hand in hand these lands to hold.

(This portion describes the dark forces of the pre-earth life and how they stood against truth, as well as how WE stood strong in our resolve for that which is righteous. At this point in the song the spirits that are bold are those who are in the employ of the adversary. They are angry and ready to fight, but WE are standing strong, ready to go against them in unity).

An ancient war was fought in times before,

Where knight and Lord did wield a sword.

The conflict wrought for truth was fought,

Holding sacred, our Father’s lore.

(Before we came to earth we were spirit beings who fought a war of good against evil. Where knight - that's you and me - and Lord, who is Jesus - notice the capitol "L" - wielded swords of truth, holding the Father's plan - "lore" - as sacred. We would do anything for our God).

And now again our charge to win anew,

To combat deep the evil few.

Here stay long amid the throng,

Our language bold and ever true.

(And now here we are in mortality, living on earth, preparing and experiencing the continuation of the battle between good and evil. We fight for truth, we proclaim our loyalties to Jesus the Christ. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12). We MUST be bold in truth. We MUST stand for righteousness, because if we don't - who will?)

Beating drums, are pounding out the song,

United marching, in pattern strong.

To stand our ground, top lofty mound,

Ere’ with brothers full nightlong.

(We stand with the Savior of the world, beating out the cadence of our march for truth, consistent, steady, never faltering or moving from our position of knowledge and power in Christ, and we're together as brothers and sisters standing in the strength of numbers. We fight the full night long).

The smoke doth fade, the victor clear,

They are men who held no fear.

The struggled end as was portend,

An olden tale now draws us near.

(In the end, and as we have always known, Team Jesus wins! Having always known this truth, we can stand without fear everyday. We knew it from the beginning, and we know it now).

A golden blush spreads ore’ the field so cold,

Unveiling shades of spirits bold.

We must not fear when they draw near,

But hand in hand these lands to hold.

(This phrase is a repeat of the opening lines and represents the continued battle on earth, and our need to stand strong against evil. Unified as we defeat the foe).

There you have it, a brief explanation of the mental images I held in my mind and heart that brought this song to life.

Additionally, as far as the sound and vocal harmonics created for this song, I was inspired by Tolkien's "Far Over the Misty Mountain Cold" from Lord of the Rings (although Tolkien did not name it that, someone else did). I was intrigued by the brotherhood of Thorin and his band of dwarves and their willingness to fight anyone, even though they were a small group, and smaller in stature than their counterparts. They, like us who may be in small numbers, are fearless! Together we can do anything required.

I hope you enjoy this song even more now that you know the behind the scenes workings of it all.

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