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Updated: May 29, 2019

I will tell you right up front, I #believe in #miracles, and after these last several weeks, I believe in them even more. First of all, let me share what my spring expectation was; a temperate, cloudless spring sky filled with birds, the smell of lilacs and beautiful temperatures that would lead into a perfectly calm and windless summer. That is always the way it is, right? NOT!

This year has turned out to be the 2nd wettest season on record for our state, #greyclouds, #thunderrolls and #flashesoflightening included... and we're only just now coming into June. If things continue the way they started, it will be a #rainy summer season ... but one thing can be said for it all... is that it is #green as green can be. #somebodyhastolivehere

Unsettled weather has always attended the spring season, but... as with all outdoor related events—like those I #sang for the last three and a half weeks—I hoped for sunshine. In my #mindseye it would be a picture-perfect day singing on a stage in the #greatoutdoors, where everyone would be happy and smiling and enjoying the sunshine. Well, it was picture-perfect—if you like rain.

When I awoke the morning of my first performance, I looked out the window to see the skies were dark and grumbling, like it was hungry for its next meal. It was ominous and unwelcoming. NO!!! If it rained, I would not be able to sing! Electronics and rain do NOT mix.

I had gone to so much work to prepare for this! My costume picked out (fairy girl), all the equipment was loaded into the truck, my hair was coiffed and curled. Everything was ready—but the weather. #Whattheheck (that is a #Utahism)! Where was my sunshine? Where was my perfect spring day?

For a second I thought I might just be defeated ... but I have learned that #attitudeiseverything, so I stepped back from my initial annoyance and #prayed. Hoping beyond hope that my weather dilemma would be solved, and knowing I could do nothing BUT pray, I began.

You will not believe this, but an hour before we were to leave for the event, the clouds parted! For six hours the sun shone that day! I sang without any rain at all! Later that afternoon, the clouds closed up and it began raining again... #allnightlong and into the days following!

First Ren Faire outfit

Second Week

It had been raining on and off the entire next week (and still is as of this writing). There was little #hope in sight that I would successfully complete my second weekend of singing. Not to be defeated, I prayed again... surely there wasn't going to be a second miracle. Or was there?

YES! Yes, there was! Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy! Thank you John Denver for that highly inspired and appropriate lyric line. It fit in perfectly with this moment! #pirateweek

Third Week

I got up, looked out the window and .... #palmslap ... really? "Oh look everyone, it's raining." #whatasurprise. This was getting OLD ... #rainraingoaway! Seriously, I was so sick of feeling sloggy (I made that word up). Okay ... so, bad attitude and all, I once again asked for the skies to be opened. My confidence was building after the last two miracles. I knew it would work.

About an hour before I was to leave, the clouds parted #AGAIN like the #redsea and the sun came out. I am not kidding! But... this time, the wind was howling. I think it wanted to "get me" for ruining the perfectly rainy day "it" had planned. Ha! #THWARTED (that is a medieval word meaning, I won the war)! I had to give it credit though, if the rain could not take control of the day, the #wind surely was going to! AS you can see from the video below, I came, I saw, I performed in a #windtunnel... but I #performed in the #sunshine!

A few hours after I #sang, the skies closed up again and it poured! #everysingletime #threetimesacharm

Fourth Performance on Memorial Day

It had been May 11, 18, 25 & 27 that I was scheduled for this particular faire, the last day falling on #MemorialDay. Just like #clockwork, the storms were pounding throughout the night and into the next day... my #faith was wavering on this one. Could another miracle be pulled off? Four times in row? I almost #doubted, but then gathered my courage and asked for another #weathermiracle. Would He deliver, or had I used up my allotment for the YEAR?!

Apparently, I had not. It was cloudy, but there was NO rain! None. Not even a drop.

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