The Frustration With Social Media

I don't know if you've ever been locked out of your #socialmedia accounts, either by chance or by accident, but I was. It's been nearly 7 days since I received a Facebook notification that there was unusual activity on my account due to an unrecognized login to my account.

I believe (now) that it was indeed me that logged in, but at the time I was sure it was not me. It was a busy day and I did not recall being on #Facebook at all... but who knows? Either which way, I'm out for the time being. Perhaps for good... or perhaps I'll open a new account.

That said, I am going to work on #blogging a bit more. Heaven knows I have been pretty sluggish at doing it in the past, mostly because we moved about a year and a half ago, and I have been busily remodeling, decorating, organizing, planting and living life in our new and spectacular location. The views here are just Wow!!!

None of these houses is ours, but this is definitely our west view. The snow is nearly gone and we're heading into spring... finally. It's April 26th after all! I even saw a daffodil the other day! Yay for #mountainlife!

My goals for this summer are to plant a garden, build shelves in the garage, and attempt to make enough room in there that perhaps a vehicle can fit inside, or at the very least, have a place for everything and get everything in it's place! Currently the space is being utilized for storage space.

As for #music, I expect there to be a few concerts this summer, but I don't see myself doing an overabundance of concerts this year. Let's just call it - Semi-retirement. That does not mean that I am abandoning all things musical... on the contrary. In fact, I am working on several projects:

One: a #programforyouth and young adults to help deal with the effects of this challenging world. The program will involve my music and information to connect us all with God, how to navigate life with Him by our side, and how to recognize the darkness out there. I have heard one too many stories about #teensuicide in the last week. My heart is #screaming to make a positive impact! It will take me some time to get it all worked out, but I'm gathering and writing in anticipation of setting up some events/firesides.

Two: I am currently researching sound and video equipment. My goal is to create videos of #nature or some really beautiful images (some I take with my photography skills, as well as other photographers), combined with audio of #naturesounds. Then YOU can just kick back, listen, and chill with life's simple pleasures!

This spectacular image is from #BloomingtonLake above Bloomington, Idaho.

I would love to hear you thoughts on my upcoming goals, and as always, thank you for your support, your kindness and your love. It's noticed and appreciated.

(Ha! Me and a foofy hair day! Thank you Shantay's Creations in Thayne, WY. You always make me feel beautiful.)

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