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Carol of the October Bells (but it's November!)

My favorite Christmas song is, Carol of the Bells. I don't quite know what it is that attracts me. Maybe it's the glorious harmonies, the fast paced beat or the lyrics, but one thing is for sure, no matter the rendition, I love it. From classic to new age and beyond, every version has an appeal that draws me in. This year the fusing of Christmas music into my brain began in October, and like a child trying to stay off the naughty list, I promise it wasn't my fault!

Before the candles from my Halloween pumpkin were even cold, I heard Christmas music playing in a store I visited in October. It was a little quieter than the usual music they played. Maybe that's why I noticed. Their subtle attempt to hook customers was ringing loudly in my head and I questioned the timing of it. I am a #singer after all. I notice music.

It struck me how untimely it was to be cracking the minds of unsuspecting shoppers with Christmas music already, sending a subliminal message of, "it's time to begin frantically looking for that thing you have to buy." At least that's what it felt like to me. Either way, it was simply too early.

I know there are plenty of articles written every year about the timing of all things Christmas, the commercialism, the political correctness of phrases like, Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays, and a multitude of other things, but this year it was that subtle October nudge that set my mind aflame. Not in the annoyed fashion you might imagine, but in a creative one. It was just enough to move me into action. I contacted one of my composers, #christopherescalante and asked him to arrange a new rendition of my favorite Christmas song. You already know what it is. He did, and all I can say is wow! You'll get to hear it at one or two of my winter performances this year, and as we press forward with other albums, this one will certainly be on the Christmas one!

I am strangely grateful for those October bells, as they quieted me just long enough for an idea to germinate. It reminded me, albeit a little early, of what I wanted the holidays to look like this year ... I was not going to be late in the planning and execution of this year's music. But even more important than that, it allowed me to begin thinking about what is truly most important and meaningful when the holidays actually hit, and that is a focused desire to slow down a bit, embrace the season in the flurry of magic and sparkle it's truly meant to be, and then #givesomethingofmyself to those I come in contact with. For me, that generally means music. I hope the new song will reach into your hearts and fill you with #love, #magic and #sparkle.

Christmastime is a chance to remember what's important to us each. For me it's about Jesus Christ, his life, #sacrifice and #promises. It's about my family and children, and making the lives of others better by reaching beyond my comfort zone. Often it can be about the music, food, gifts and friends. But in the end, it's about what makes you feel the light and love of the season. I plan to be intentional as I seek to find the one, or the many whom I may touch this Christmas season. #Godblessuseveryone

No matter what time of year the October bells begin ringing, let good thoughts and feelings of love flow into you and right back out into the lives of others. #youcandothis #makeanimpact #stretchbeyondyourself #lighttheworld #oflight #aliciablickfeldt

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