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Finally Music for Geeks

It isn't every day that someone refers to me as a "geek." But today I choose to refer to myself as one ... apparently it is the new "nerd" and more socially acceptable. I must admit, I prefer "geek" to "nerd" anyway, so this is a good thing. So, for today, I wear it as a badge of honor. I am a geek and proud of it. :)

Now that my current title has been established, let me tell you about my time at FanX a few weekends ago. What is FanX you ask? It is THE "geek" event of the year, taking place in Salt Lake City involving every stylish cosplayer (persons who enjoy dressing up as their favorite movie, comic or other character) and all their friends in attendance. They dress in the most fabulous, true-to-life costumes—complete with super powers, magic wands, fairy dust, wings and masks.—it is a veritable smorgasbord of real-live fantasy and fun!

I met Batman, Pikachu, Aquaman, Thor, Darth Vader, pirates, vampires, and a multitude of anime as well as many other characters. I even saw, Spiderman ... the real one.

While at FanX I debuted my new album, Of Light ~ Escape to Another World. There was a rather large stage centered on the convention floor that EVERYONE in attendance walked by. It was a massive crowd! I thought I might be nervous ... but that did not happen. Instead, I lit up and sang my heart out.

At one point, unbeknownst to the attentive crowd, an entire battalion of Storm Troopers marched through the back behind all the spectators and then out into the hallway. When I finished singing (that particular song), I made the comment, "Well, you don't see that every day ... how many of you noticed the battalion of Storm Troopers marching through the room?" There were a few giggles of delight mixed with mine. I'll bet that hasn't happened to many singers in the past. For me it was a strange thrill.

After the concert we were flooded with amazing people who wanted to purchase and album and visit. From that point on, the whole evening was filled. I was thrilled to meet so many of you! I am hopeful that with your amazing support, we will hit the Billboard Hot 100 next week! What a crazy week. What a crazy life. I love it! I love you!

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