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New Music Video Set to Release Tuesday Night - Walls

With all the excitement out there in regards to the new album, Of Light ~ Escape to Another World, I thought I would take a few minutes and write about the fun we had creating the first "story" from the album, Of Light.

You see, when I write the lyrics for a song, I listen to music that inspires me and visualize a scene, which sparks my imagination with images and interactions that make up the story. It gets so real that I can see it, taste it, touch it and feel it. So, as we worked on capturing all that I wanted to portrait, it was easy to get into character, because the setting and the temperatures reflected what I had visualized all those months ago when I was creating the story line in my mind.

If you live in Utah, you know the weather can be unpredictable. Well, the very day we decided to film (outdoors), it was 20 degrees! Today, 2 weeks after the fact, it is 50. Go figure. In a few scenes, I was in bare feet ... yes, it was cold. Fortunately, two things made all the difference, I wore snow boots for when I wasn't bare footed, and Tanya (an actress featured in the video) was brilliant enough to bring a portable propane heater. Thank you, Tanya!

We filmed at the famous "Provo Castle," which has been set for many music videos (including Lindsey Stirling) and a few films, such as Mythica. It was amazing, authentic and created the dismal, medieval feeling we were going for.

The song in this video is Walls. It's a story about the self-imposed places we put ourselves (ie: prison). It's about the pain we cause ourselves emotionally, whether that pain comes by thought or deed, or the behavior of others, we always get to choose how we respond internally. And then, after we've had enough pain ... and the recognition sets in, we are able to make a different decision and change things. See if you can see it in the video and let me know what you think, how it affected you and what you've done to free yourself from these places of stuckness. Who knows, it might inspire another song!

It was great fun to be with an amazing group of professionals. It makes all the difference when someone is serious about what they do. It shows in the end results. I would also know what you think about my acting. I grew up doing plays, so for film, it's been a learning curve to not "over-act" like you do on stage. Maybe one day I'll be really convincing and make you cry.

I would like to thank everyone that helped make this story come to life:

Video & Editing: Cameron Crowther and Eric Roberts

Jailer/Prisoner: Doug Jensen

Prisoner: Tanya Price

Photography: Brackston Dutson

Director: Joan Albright

Production Assitants: Shoshana & Liriel Hinckley

Everything Else: Mike Blickfeldt, who is always, my go-to, do-all, be-all, get-all and move-all during times such as these.

Thank you all and bless you all!

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