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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Throughout my life I have had a multitude of opportunities to learn patience. When I was just a child I am pretty sure I had my little outbursts. I don't really remember doing that, but I do remember my mother sending me to my room for time-out... alone. My brothers, I'm sure, took sweet satisfaction in that.

It seems like pretty much everyday since then, I've had more chances to practice the art. I admit, I'm still not very good at it. In fact, it frustrates me to no end that it's still even an issue. I mean really, when will I grow out of that silliness?


EVERYTHING! When I first began the crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the new album, I thought it would be MAYBE a year and the whole project would be done. How wrong I was! A project like this (my first one mind you) was NOT one of those things I could just focus in on and get done. Why? Because I needed a village. It wasn't just me working toward a goal, it was friends, family, composers, the recording studio, the mixing/mastering tech, the writing, the re-writing, and so on. It has taken a village... and through the process, guess who has learned a little bit more about patience? Yes, me.

Here we are now, 2.5 years into the creation process, this epic journey we have taken together is nearly complete. In hindsight, I now see what was gained and where we are. Every annoying setback, every re-write, every re-recording, everything we've been through has been worth the journey to here—the end.


It seems almost unreal to say it out loud, but we are within days of the album being completed! One final delay happened, but that has been resolved. This next week I will then give my final edits, and then we move on to the actual burning of the CD, which will then be delivered to those of you that pre-ordered! It's not too late if anyone still wants to do that! Just shoot me an email and I'll hook you up!

My aim when the albums arrive is to hand-deliver as many of them directly to you. Yes, I mean in person! If you live within a few hours drive of me that is the goal.


Once YOU have your CD, would you be willing to do me a HUGE FAVOR? Will you help me promote and get it out there? Will you help me share my new website (it's under construction as we speak)? Will you help me generate some excitement for this epic new genre of music? Because it will take another village to get this done! Will you be my village?

I am super excited about how everything is coming together and I think you will be also. Below is a photo of what the CD (inside the cover) will look like. Of course it will be round ... but after a number of ideas, this is the one that rose to the top. I hope you like it.


I need 15 people who are willing to pre-listen to the album... even before the delivery of the CD, to help me figure out which one of the songs is the "ringer." My plan is to make a music video right away to THAT song, so that when we do the worldwide release in September (in conjunction with FanX SLC), it will make some serious waves! You in? The first 15 to send me an email will be those I choose. No favoritism here, just some people that are as excited as I am!

Oh! and in September, we're planning a release party! I hope those of you who are local (SLC) will come!

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