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WALLS Music Video Released - The Story Behind the Lyrics

It's out! The first in a series of music videos I wanted to create from my album, Of Light ~ Escape to Another World.

The image above depicts the "angel" from the video, Walls. It's a story of overcoming obstacles, recognizing the lies we tell ourselves, and self-triumph over our thoughts, which create our circumstances.

In this video, thoughts are the problem. The prisoner is in a dark place where her thoughts have chained her. It uncomfortable, sad and hopeless. For whatever reason, she has chosen this place in time. We have all been where she is.

From unbelief and failure, to seeing ourselves as less than we are, anguish is part of life. It's a life long battle with our thoughts. We can either become trapped in negativity or see things in a different light.

As we recognize who the prisoner is, and who the angel is in the video presentation, we come to realize that we can help ourselves, by taking control of our thoughts.

I believe in God. I believe he loves me. I believe he loves you. When realization comes to our minds that someone loves you/me and sees our part as a light in the world, it makes belief in ourselves an easy concept.

I choose to believe. I choose light. I choose to break down my walls and step into my true self. I choose me.

Let me share the lyrics of the song with you. See if you can see this progression of ideas and thoughts that I was considering when writing it.


Thoughts chain my heart

to walls laid thick with pain.

Soothing me in dulcet tones—

they mask the life of day.

*Where in my mind am I so blind,

to fire of the soul?

The songs unsung,

the battle’s done.

I’m here inside myself,

a prisoner of this fate.

Visions of whom I was—

is it too late?

Steadily a shaft of light

awakens something new.

Stirring a silent force—

of conquest, not defeat!

Belief infuses…

brings me to my feet.

I made these walls,

they’re mine to break!

*In my mind I was so blind,

to fire of the soul!

The songs yet sung,

the battle’s won!

Walls which held me bound—

I’m found!

In the infamous words of the silly movie Galaxy Quest, "Never give up! Never surrender!"

Make your world a better place. Hugs. Alicia

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