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     In her first book, They Said  I Would Die, Alicia details her very non-traditional decision to heal from stage 3 breast cancer. on her own terms. Then, within the same year, she was run over by a truck. Once again choosing to heal natually. In this fascinating story of life and death, learn how she navigated each insane twist in the story, and learned how to survive without traditional therapies.  Sometimes, we are faced with circumstances that challenge us to the very core. Sometimes, everything comes crashing in, and even the “experts” think the worst. When you think you cannot take one more step … you realize you can!

     After learning she had cancer, Alicia Blickfeldt, disregarded doctors’ recommendations and lived to tell the story. Five months after recovering, another tragedy threatened to take her life once again! Learn how this woman’s determinations took her on a journey that defied every possible odd, and left her with the resolve to live!

     Alicia's second book entitled, The Path That Leads From Fear is a novel based on fact. The main character, Julia, writes poetry to hide her true feelings for Bruce, the dictatorial and violent husband she once loved more than anything. But from the very day they met, a dream warns her of the future and bids her to “run,” but she fails to understand until it is too late. Then a person she thought was the embodiment of evil itself turns out to be the only person who can get her and her children out of their situation safely. But will it be soon enough?

     For the first time in her life Julia must “grow a backbone,” as Bruce always told her, and as it turns out her children’s lives depend on it as Bruce’s violence escalates over time to greater and more dangerous levels.

     In this gripping work of fiction based on fact, Alicia Blickfeldt (author of, They Said I Would Die) delves deep into the life she lived for twenty years, sharing how she navigated the nuances of a true overt narcissist, and helps others to see that even when things seem desperate and dark, hope can still shine.


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