Beacon In The Black

A price must be paid,

Redemption comes through pain.

Unrelenting blame—mocking loud my name.

Irreverential screams, endlessly profane.

Hushed inside my eyes of steel,

Somewhere in the grey

Thoughts breathe, “Come away.”

Escaping from a world of lies,

Moonlight bathes in blue.

Lights the pathway through.

A beacon in the black of night—

Lights the pathway through.

It lights the pathway through.

Away from all the noise, clouded eyes are clear.

Away from all the noise, higher thoughts I hear.

Now I hear.

Away from all the noise,

Beacon in the black,

Lights the pathway through.

Sever all the past,

Never going back,

Beacon in the black.

Ahhhh ahhhh

Away from all the noise.


I never thought my life would be unraveled from end to end—

On routes which took me far away from my dreams.

So, now I stand in emptiness, unsure of the way to go,

To chart the way against the winds that blow.

BlackWinds are raging—I feel them behind me.

I will not the same be, as when I went in.

~ Oooo

Grasping control of the wheel I cry, “For country and liberty.

For all my ambitions—this, my new decree!”

Unseen hands grab hold the wheel and turn the beast about.

They hold it tight, I hear, I hear myself shout.

I can see the way, through the murky sky.

I choose the way that I take.

Though some things may seem quite unclear to me,

I will determine my fate.

I refuse to give into anarchy,

Powers of darkness and fear.

But instead a chance to change everything,

Leaving the past, all is clear

~ Ahhhh ahhhh

The sea and salt blow through my hair, the echo of history fades,

The futures ahead—I’m no more afraid.

Abandon all that holds me here, the compass, it points the way new,

To navigate back to what is right and true.

When I come out of this storm that is raging, raging in me,

I will not the same be, as when I went into the terrible storm.

Abandoning all that held me there, the compass—it points the way new,

To navigate back to what is right and true.

I’ve abandoned all which held me there, my compass is pointing new,

And navigates back to what—what is true.

BlackWinds are behind me.

I’m out of the storm.

I’m out, I’m out, out of the storm.


A golden blush spreads ore’ the field so cold,

Unveiling shades of spirits bold.

We must not fear when they draw near

But hand in hand these lands to hold.

An ancient war was fought in times before,

Where knight and Lord did wield a sword.

The conflict wrought for truth was fought,

Holding sacred, our Father’s lore.

And now again our charge to win anew,

To combat deep the evil few.

Here stay long amid the throng,

Our language bold and ever true.

Beating drums, are pounding out the song,

United marching, in pattern strong.

To stand our ground, top lofty mound,

Ere’ with brothers full nightlong.

The smoke doth fade, the victor clear,

They are men who held no fear.

The struggled end as was portend,

An olden tale now draws us near.

A golden blush spreads ore’ the field so cold,

Unveiling shades of spirits bold.

We must not fear when they draw near,

But hand in hand these lands to hold.

Heart of Courage

Flooded, covered, in layered darkness—

Obscuring memories, life is cloaked.

In waves of anguish, discordant sounds escaping …

Is there a God above whom I invoke?

Disdain holds tightly in dreadful stillness.

How swiftly all’s forgot—forfeiting hope!

From somewhere inside, it rises like a red tide.

A flame begins to burn and opens my soul!

Ahhhh ahhhh

Infusing, it feeds me—long forgotten prayers are answered!

Illusions shatter, leaving me in light.

Releasing, step through those passages which lie before me.

Forsaking offences—Heart of courage!


Thoughts chain my heart

To walls laid thick with pain.

Soothing me in dulcet tones—

They mask the life of day.

Where in my mind am I so blind,

To fire of the soul?

The songs unsung, the battle’s done?

I’m here inside myself,

A prisoner of this fate.

Visions of whom I was—

Is it too late?

Steadily, a shaft of light

Awakens something new.

Stirring a silent force—

Of conquest, not defeat!

Belief infuses…brings me to my feet.

I made these walls, they’re mine to break

In my mind I was so blind

To fire of the soul!

The songs yet sung, the battle’s won!

Walls which held me bound—

I’m found!

Barren Halls

In barren halls, I feel you near. Vacant, yet quite replete. Perception comes in hallowed waves, Removes me from my grief. Greying stone, fallen leaves, Shadows draw every long. Reminding of a time removed, When summer's come undone. Like a spark, Like a spark, Like a spark of brilliant truth. I never thought the loss of you Would give my spirit peace. Now I see the brilliant truth, This love will never cease. A million stars, a million smiles Shine, here to defend. Showing me a brilliant truth, That love never ends. Like a spark, Like a spark, Like a spark of brilliant truth.

Silent War

Can you feel them hidden; forces unseen? Some seize completely all we can be. In quiet thoughts of every closed door. Rule they’re assuming in this silent war. Through clouds uncertain, seeking the light, Clearing the fearful echoes of night. Voices of dread whispered inside. That what you yearn for—you will find. Defend your heart, protect your soul, Shadows fall away. Yield your heart, guardian’s part, As the shadows fall away. Ahhhh ahhhh Defend your heart, protect your soul, Shadows fall away Yield your heart, guardian’s part As the shadows fall away. Voices only held in store, whisper thoughts into my mind, “You’re only what you yearn for. What you truly wish to find.” Defend your heart, protect your soul, Shadows fall away Yield your heart, guardian’s part, As the shadows fall away.

Secrets Untold

Wind woven thru the glen, push back and drawing in—

Wrap tightly ‘round me, mask where I’ve been.

Walking this lonely road, carrying legends old.

Hidden they burn within, secrets untold.

A promised hope which held me,

And wishful dreams that failed me,

I took a road that led away from you.

Promissae spes tenuit (a promised hope held)

Omnea mea somnia defecit (all my dreams failed)

I took a road away from you.

Re diens car re paree omneus? (can I find my way back)

Flicker of azure eyes; nigh unto firelight.

Flying,the sparks climb into the night.

Breath drawn, could it be you, bringing all back anew?

What I assumed was lost, was never true!

A promised hope which held me—

No wishful dreams failed me!

I found a road that led me back to you.

Promissae spes tenuit (a promised hope held)

Somnia no defuit mea (No deficit in my dreams)

I took a road back to you.

Et fulit de via ad te (and took a road to you )

I found the road to you!


There is a light,

Just at the fringe …

Of where the forest ends—

And life begins.

I step into the sun—relinquish every foe.

Put away the tangled web of things I’ve come to know.

Warmth enfolding me, I feel it soaking through,

A smile ‘cross my face and clarity comes into view.

Of everything I’ve thought, and all it can imply,

Lead me to a place where I can see beyond the sky.

Forsaking on the ground, the things that held me here …

Relinquish all the anguish of my soul into the air!

I see - the way,

I see - the way,

From darkness into day.

Move from here!

Forsake the fear!

Watch the light appear.

I step into the sun,

Relinquish every foe ...

Put away the tangled web of lies

I see my the clear…the clarity is beautiful!

I step into the sun,

Relinquish every tangled web I’ve known.

Of Light - Escape to Another World

Nightmares swirling ‘round me rise.

Conflict real or love denied—

Fighting loudly, claim their prize.

Uneasiness abides.

Wandering empty through the rain,

Wash away this rueful stain.

All these years from me, unchain.

Serenity remain.

Quiet answers come to me,

Where in solitude, I be.

Release the edge of time, my plea—

Reality to see.

Tempest calms and chasms close,

Ne're have felt within me glow.

The light from day that scatter bold—

The ghosts of long ago.

Unrestricted, I defy—

Dare I hope, nor peace deny?

Loudest howl, I here decry,

To breach a world Of Light.

Something real before my eyes.

This escape from blinded sight,

Seize the world Of Light!

I Am

Standing here on the brink, bitter cold my mind.

How to redefine?

Tarnished core inward lies—Wrath at every turn.

Freedom, what I yearn.

Whispered reverence—speak to me, I'll listen once again…

Surrender every sin.

Can it really just be? A simple belief,

Of altering thoughts—uncover relief?

Am I powerful?

Am I beautiful?

Am I wonderful?

Am I lovable?

Am I? Am I?

Simple words, only two … shifting into place.

“I am” what I create!

I am powerful.

I am beautiful.

I am wonderful?

I am lovable?

Help me find ….

Passion rise, flame ignite, melt this frozen crown.

Memories old are bound.

I am powerful!

I am beautiful!

I am wonderful!

I am lovable!

I am!


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